Adrenal Harmony gold for dog cushing's & Addison's disease REVIEW

Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog Cushings

Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony was once known as Supraglan a Natural Remedy for Dog cushings disease and addison disease. Adrenal Harmony or Supraglan is known to balance the secretion of Adrenalin and maintain pituitary health in dogs. The Herbs in Adrenal Harmony is known to be used since centuries in the eastern countries.

Among the most common disease in dogs is cushings for dogs above the age of 10. Very rarely seen a decade ago, Cushings disease is taking a front seat now. Every 3rd dog after the age of 10 has the chances of being a cushings patient. understanding cushings disease in dogs and the cause of the cushings disease is  most essential . Today there are a range of medication available for Cushings disease in dogs, but most veterinarians will tell you that Cushings disease is one among the few diseases where turnaround is very low. With the health of the dog already deteriorating, the traditional western medicines which are provided by the vet usually takes a toll on the dog’s health even more. Many of cushings disease drugs provided to the dog are cancer remedies. These medication usually help the pituitary gland to function well but also comes with a range of side effects. This page describes some of the natural remedies and how it is different from the western medication your vet would prescribe.

Cushings Disease Diagnosis

A Veterinary Doctor should be consulted to diagnose cushings disease in your dog. Since most of the symptoms  of cushings disease are similar to that of other diseases including diabetes, its not wise to judge that your dog has cushings disease based on the symptoms. Your veterinary doctor will most likely do a dexamethasone test to confirm if your dog has cushings disease. Once the diagnosis is done, there will be a lot of Blood tests and therapy based on the diagnosis. The disease could be expensive to treat in dogs and most likely fatal in advanced stage. A normal life of a cushings disease dog is 2 1/2 years to 3 years after diagnosis.

 Symptoms of Cushings Disease in Dogs Explained

As discussed earlier, Cushings disease in dogs show similar symptoms to other disease. Below are some of the few symptoms dogs with cushings disease show. Dog cushings symptoms are extensive and could be daunting for pet owners and veterinarians  The range of symptoms may differ from dog to dog and is not necessary that most dogs show all the symptoms. Some of the noted symptoms of Dog cushings disease are as below.

 Dog cushings disease Prognosis

Cushings disease shows symptoms ranging from pot belly to increased urination and thirst, hunger. These symptoms are generally mixed up with other problems and are hard to confirm if it is indeed cushings disease in the first place. a 4 step blood, urine test will confirm if your dog is indeed suffering from cushings disease. with that said, the tests could be expensive and the treatment in a normal vet could cost you anywhere between a $300 a month to $1000 depending on the condition and the type of treatment.

While most vets would tell you that a surgery is the most practical remedy to cure cushings disease, the healing time of a surgery could be hard and long. most pets cannot undergo the after effects of the surgery and usually find it hard to cope up with the pain. Unfortunately due to the age factor too, it becomes difficult for the dogs to heal fast.