Adrenal Harmony Gold

Ingredients Of Adrenal harmony gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold is one of the herbal supplements for dogs to help them recover from Cushing’s disease.

Remedy for Cushing’s disease – Adrenal Harmony Gold:

Cushing’s disease affects dogs by overproducing hormone known as cortisol in the adrenal glands. It often occurs in dogs over six years old or more but in rare cases, it also occurs in dogs that are of younger age.

Some of the symptoms noticed are:

  • pot bellied look
  • increase in hunger
  • frequent urination often combined with increased drinking
  • irregular breathing and fatigue
  • itchy skin

Apart from prolonged medications, Cushing’s disease may also require surgery for removing this tumor. With many people trying herbal products for improving their health, why not try a product for improving your pet’s health?

Adrenal Harmony Gold is a herbal product from that brings you remedy to heal Cushing’s disease in dogs. The herbal ingredients are carefully chosen to aid your dog to a better health and away from Cushing’s or any other disease.

Some of the ingredients in Adrenal Harmony Gold are:

  • Astralagus root – the member of pea family are widely used in China. Apart from boosting your dog’s immunity, it also helps in proper kidney function and best for dogs with tumor.
  • Milk Thistle seed – This antioxidant seed helps in treating any gallstone problems. It also relieves IBD in dogs.
  • Fresh Ashwagandha root – this Ayurvedic root in Adrenal Harmony Gold relaxes your dog‘s body and prevents wreck in the nervous system.
  • Holy basil leaf – decreases any pain or inflammation in the body and increases the chances of survival in dogs dealing with cancer.
  • Fresh turmeric rhizome – heals both inner and outer body. Turmeric helps in purifying your blood, improving liver and acts a tonic for your pooch’s belly.
  • Bacopa herb – also known as Brahmi in Ayurveda, this root acts as an antioxidant and protects the cells of the body.

Adrenal Harmony Gold contains other valuable ingredients such as chaste tree berry, sarsaparilla root, astragalus root etc. that aid in excreting toxic waste, improving the immunity system, maintaining proper function of arteries etc. in dogs.

Adrenal Harmony Gold comes in delicious bacon flavored liquid formula which can be easily ingested to your dog. The recommended dosage is a single drop for 2 lb of weight till 50 lb and two drops of liquid formula for 4 lbs.

DO NOTE that it is recommended that people SHOULD NOT ingest Adrenal Harmony Gold for dogs who are pregnant or consuming blood thinners. However, it is best to consult the Veterinarian before ingesting any medication on your dog.

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