Lysodren Vs Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog Cushings Disease

Adrenal Harmony GoldWhat you choose should always involve as much research on any particular product. Check on the success rate of Lysodren before administering them to your pets. Specially when considered toxic to humans, i would wonder how it wouldn’t be toxic to your pets!

Lysodren is one of the few drugs which is used for treating cushings disease. There have been many a cases of Lysodren turning all bad on dogs being treated with cushings disease. Lysodren can cause a range of side effects starting from Loss of appetite  Weakness, Vomiting and Lethargy. Initial stages of Lysodren administration will see reduction of most Symptoms related to cushings. The appetite becomes normal and the Water consumption comes down drastically. Its too early to see any changes in the hair fall and coat issues. Most people feel quite ok with this treatment for the initial phase but in most cases, things go wrong sooner or later with lysodren. Also the cost involved in tests and Blood works can go to as much as $600 to a $1000 per month!

A scenario where a person changed from Lysodren to Adrenal harmony gold with success in the latter has mentioned cases where there was excellent improvement in health of the Dog and also a return in coat shine and fur on the third month. Though this may sound ridiculous to most veterinarians who administer Lysodren, there seems to be far too many people who have found success in Natural therapy and homeopathy for pets in today’s World. The decision is almost always yours as a pet owner.

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